How To Create A Supremely Successful Chocolate Cake This Christmas (I nailed it!)

Remember the post in the morning? Yes, I started a Christmas tradition. And the first year was pretty promising. I did some very successful baking today. 

And the chocolate cake turned out to be super. In case you care about pics, scroll down.

Done mixing flour sugar cocoa powder and later remembered to also add baking powder
Three eggs and a bowl of beaten yogurt mixed with a little bit of water. Mixing well will give a custard like consistency

Melt butter, chocolate and coffee powder into a liquid and then mix it with the egg curd paste and flour cocoa mixture. Try to get rid of the lumps. Not too runny, not to sticky. Careful…

Grease a pan with butter. Pour the batter and bake for 35 mins. Poke with toothpick to check if the middle is done and then let it cool for a while before cutting it up in the middle.
This is cream. Say hi. Heat till it shimmers then add equal amount of dark chocolate and keep mixing.
Till it looks like this. You can make it thicker or lighter as per your preference. Mix more or less cream accordingly. This thickens as it cools
Cover the top of the bottom layer
Keep the top half over the glazed bottom layer ( try not to break a corner)
Glaze some more. And you have it.
😂 don’t contain the tears of joy. Your baking has been successful. Swaahaa

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