Dear Readers, It’s Feedback Time

Hey wonderful folks of the blog-o-sphere. How are all of you holding up? Hope the week has been kind to you.

This, essentially, is a very late but much needed introduction to Living Unplanned. It made no sense to write this before when there were zero readers but the present seems like a more opportune moment to do so. Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed and thanks to everyone who’s accompanied me on the journey so far. I write this for you (and with a hope to lure in more wonderful readers).

So far, I’ve been writing about the first leg of my journey. Two weeks of solo loitering in Spiti Valley. I’ve taken up a format not too many other travel blogs seem to follow (I’m sure for good reason). I’m not talking Top 10s, I’m not talking must see destination and neither am I really spewing out travel magazine worthy features that takes one through a destination with an unexplored hook – like this one here.

No, I’m memoiring. I’m narrating what I see on the road as transparently as possible and I don’t deny that I see the world through my biased vision conditioned as it may have been. Now that greatly leaves me on the mercy of you benevolent souls. I must continue thinking that there are some out there who enjoy reading what I write.

However, I have come to feel that it’s not easy to keep all of you hooked to chronological unfolding of events – 2 posts a week. Isn’t it? And I don’t know if writing at a stretch about one single destination really works either. I really am groping in the dark here, as you can see.

Therefore, I turn to you. All of you. As many of you as I possibly can through this innocuous blog post. Tell me people, what should I change about my narration and the way in which I present it to you? What worked for you so far and what didn’t? Anything you’d want me to add? Anything I can do without?

As some of you may have noticed, I have a custom domain name now – It’s bought. Official. And each new day furthers the ambition. Hopefully there’s will be a fancy layout to this blog sometime soon and maybe more kinds of content and collaborations. All in good time.

But first, tell me, tell me. How can I entertain you better with my travel and with my words.

Please… Takes only a minute to comment

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mettatsunami says:

    I think your blog is great as is. I can sympathize with feeling out the balance of writing about each new place one visits, or just periodically. And of course, there’s always the issue of lack of Internet as well. I admire your travels and enjoy reading about them!


    1. This is much appreciated. Thanks for the feedback. You are one of my few dedicated and naturally very prized readers. Great to have you here.


      1. mettatsunami says:

        Thanks! I hope maybe our paths will cross at some point while I’m here.

        Liked by 2 people

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